Get rid of plastics

Plastic Is Deadly Forever We are in a world surrounded by plastic. Plastic never biodegrades; it photo-degrades by drying up and breaking into pieces, which progressively get smaller and smaller in time. It becomes small enough for animals to mistake the plastic for food. In the ocean, fish and birds find floating plastic, eat it and can’t digest it, and […]

Is Your Drinking Water Making You Fat?

Can Drinking Water Make You Fat? If you have been dieting, or reading the news you’ll see lots of articles telling you to drink more water. But is drinking more water actually healthy for you? Is it possible that drinking water can increase your weight? Unfortunately our water is polluted with industrial chemicals, run-off and pollutants […]

Coffee Pod’s Toxic Effect

Pod coffee systems like Keurig have taken off. Supposedly it’s a fast and easy way to make just one cup of coffee. But there’s a dark side to the Keurig coffee system. It’s been found that even though there’s no BPA in the little plastic containers, all plastic cups leech toxic chemicals into the food […]