Hemp, the wonder plant

It has been illegal to grow hemp in the US for 56 years.  It was unjustly banned.Hemp is truly a wonder plant that could provide hundreds of sustainable solutions for food, paper, fuel, and manufactured goods. In fact, the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, was written on hemp. America’s first currency was printed on hemp!

Industrial Hemp is not a psycho-active plant (it doesn’t get you high). It’s benefits are legion:

  • One acre of hemp can produce four times more paper than an acre of trees (and would grow to the size ready for harvest in one season. Trees must grow for 20 to 50 years to be ready for harvest for paper.
  • Hemp is a weed and needs no fertilizer, and actually repels weed growth. It has few insect enemies.
  • Hemp can be used to make textiles. It’s 10 times stronger that cotton. It uses little water to grow.
  • Hemp is a high protein food and can be flavored and made into butter, cheese, salad oils and other foods. It can be made into soap!
  • Hemp oil can produce paint, varnish, lubricating oils and substitutes for  plastic. Hemp is biodegradable whereas plastic is forever !
  • Hemp is also a strong building material. It creates more biomass than any other plant that can be grown in the US; and therefore could be used for fuel. It’s been estimated that hemp, could supply 100% of all the US energy needs. (are you seeing a pattern here for why Hemp is outlawed in the US- who stands to lose business? You got it: the oil companies!) It was outlawed because it was a competitive threat to wood products, not because it could be used as an intoxicating drug.

And hemp makes beautiful reusable shopping bags that can help save this planet from the scourge of plastic bags! Check out our beautiful Hemp Market bags which make a great holiday gift!