Get rid of plastics

storing lettuce in cloth instead of plastic

Plastic Is Deadly Forever

We are in a world surrounded by plastic. Plastic never biodegrades; it photo-degrades by drying up and breaking into pieces, which progressively get smaller and smaller in time. It becomes small enough for animals to mistake the plastic for food. In the ocean, fish and birds find floating plastic, eat it and can’t digest it, and it eventually clogs their gut and kills them.

In the oceans, we now have at least 5 enormous swirling areas of plastic garbage called gyres. Each one is the size of Texas! As with land mammals, fish eat this, or get tangled up in it and die. But unfortunately that plastic is like a ghost that rises again to kill another sea creature. Plastics never die, only the poor animals that eat it and get stuck in it perish.

It is up to HUMANS to stop this destruction of the environment and lifeforms by limiting our use of plastic. Using plastic is not sustainable! It takes no time, and little effort to bring your own cloth bags to various stores. You’ll be doing your part to end this cycle of death with this simple act.

Here are some great ideas to rid your life of plastics! And many of them can help you save money by buying lower cost products or buying in bulk and saving your items in glass or other healthier containers. You can do it! And you’ll feel righteous – and rightfully so!

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