Antibiotics Overuse can Kill You!

chart of bacterial infections in humans

How can you sustain your health?

Before the discovery of antibiotics, the most common cause of death around the world was infections. If people cut themselves, had an accident, caught a bacterial infection from another person’s sneeze or cough, drank water with bacteria in it, or gave birth with a “doctor” who didn’t believe in invisible germs, unless their body was strong enough to beat the infection, they would die from a bacterial infection.

Nowadays, people are so germ-phobic that they use antibacterial hand soap, toothpaste, house cleaning and other products practically every day. Furthermore factory farmed animals are fed antibiotics, which actually makes them and YOU fatten up. That means you’re applying antibiotics to your skins and eating them. It’s destroying your necessary gut bacteria and making YOU more vulnerable to infection and weight gain!

The perfect storm that is brewing is that now bacteria have evolved and there are “super-bacteria” which are resistant to many or most of the antibiotics we presently have in our medical arsenal. Many people are now dying from infections where there are no antibiotics that can find these present day bacteria. And it is only going to get worse.

The government must step in and force farmers to stop feeding antibiotics to farm animals. Use of these once life saving drugs must be limited immediately. People must stop demanding antibiotics from their doctors for treatment of viruses – which will not respond to antibiotics. When a person does have an infection, they must use the entire prescription in order that all the bacteria is destroyed, not just to kill the weaker strain. When the weaker bugs are killed it allows the stronger resistant bacteria to grow unimpeded, causing life threatening infections.

Furthermore, new antibiotics must become a priority to be developed by researchers. Pharmaceutical companies are not putting time, effort and funded into these most important areas- opting instead to develop Viagra and other medications where they will make greater profits. If bacteria becomes resist to our present day antibiotics, the greatest cause of death on the planet will revert back to the result of bacterial infections.

What can you do to protect yourself from super-infections?

Stop using anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners. Let your immune system get strong to fight off these minor infections and bugs by yourself! Let your kids play in the dirt- research has shown that this actually makes them more resistant to allergies in the future. Eat well, and get enough rest. Make sure you’re drinking clean water that has been filtered to take out bacteria and other toxins. And most important be happy and do things that lower your stress level.

You can read more in Scientific American. 

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