Plastic Can Make You Fat

plastic-bottle-beach-1-300x225What’s wrong with plastic? Can plastic make me sick? Can plastic make my baby sick? Can plastic make me gain weight? It MUST be safe because the FDA allows it…. NOT!Do you buy water in plastic bottles? Do you store your food in plastic containers? Do you microwave your food in plastic? The Plastic Industry has been using the same techniques that the Tobacco Industry used to disguise their deadly and dangerous products. Buying “researchers” who skew results to make plastic harmless is one of their techniques to fool the public. And why do they do it? FOR PROFITS! These greedy corporations don’t care about the suffering that the chemicals in plastic are causing for humans, or the entire planet. They only care about their short term financial gain. I don’t know how they can look in the mirror, or how they can sleep at night. How can plastic make you fat? Although BPA’s have been taken out of certain plastics, it remains in many items. Even worse plastic chemicals have been implicated as being endocrine disruptors. The news suggests that it’s bad for young children, but it is similarly harmful for adults! Your endocrine system is your hormonal system that impacts every system in your body – including your metabolism. Do you drink soda (soda pop)? It may not be the sugar that’s making you gain weight, but the fact that you are also drinking chemicals from the plastic container! AVOID PLASTIC CONTAINERS. They pollute your body, and they pollute the planet. If they are put in landfills, these chemicals leach out into the water supply. I encourage you to read the entire article, or listen to the interview. Amy Goodman, a alternative news reporter, has a program called Democracy Now, that you should learn more about. If you are reading this blog, you will definitely be open minded enough to appreciate her broadcasts! GET RID OF PLASTIC in your life!

And one of the easiest ways is by bringing your own reusable shopping bags wherever you go