Is Your Drinking Water Making You Fat?


Can Drinking Water Make You Fat?

If you have been dieting, or reading the news you’ll see lots of articles telling you to drink more water. But is drinking more water actually healthy for you? Is it possible that drinking water can increase your weight?

Unfortunately our water is polluted with industrial chemicals, run-off and pollutants that are in the air and fall into the land with rain and gravity. But to make matters even worse, water is polluted with pharmaceutical drugs – including hormones, anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics and anti-depressants. Our municipal water doe not even test to see if these pollutants are in the water that comes out of your tap!

Is bottled water safe?

Diet Gurus tell you what you shouldn’t eat – but they rarely address the importance of drinking CLEAN water! Reverse osmosis water is dead – stripped of minerals that we need.  They should be outlawed in desert areas because RO wastes a tremendous amount of water: 3 gallons for every 1 gallon you use! Those water filters that go through a pitcher are mostly useless to remove chlorine, fluoride and other pollutants that are very fine.

And bottled water can be the worst water of all!  The water company could pull that out of your toilet bowl and bottle it- there is no governmental control over that at all! Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are slowly collecting in our bodies, not just from polluted water, but from the plastic that your bottled water is stored in! BPA in plastic has been removed in many cases, but there are over 2,000 OTHER chemicals that are in the plastic that have NOT BEEN TESTED! They have been implicated in causing physiological changes in animals and humans.

Studies are showing that endocrine disruptors in water and so many products we use daily are coming from pharmaceutical drugs and leaching out of plastics have affected the sex organs of FISH! Other studies are showing it’s already effecting human babies!

I take my health into my own hands whenever possible. I’m not going to be obsessive, but when there are things that I can do to insure I’m not getting extra pollutants and toxins in my body, I’ll do that. I feel like I’m also doing something that is sustainable for our planet.

I’ve investigated many different water filters and found PureEffect filters. IMO they are the best. The water tastes great. It wasn’t hard to install (I have an under the counter version) – and if you have a dishwasher vent, you can change that and place this faucet it that place- contact me if you need help). I purchased and personally use this filter. Check out the important information on this website and keep yourself as healthy as you can!

Don’t rely on your municipal water to supply to give you clean water. Think what happened in Flint, Michigan! And it’s not just happening there, but all over the country. Get a good quality water filter and use it for drinking and cooking. If you’re lucky and can afford a whole house filter, you’ll be even better off! Because breathing the steam of hot water filled with pollutants is even worse than drinking it!