Drinking Enough Water

man in business suit dying of thirstAre you drinking enough water?

So many health “experts” tell us that we’re not drinking “enough” water. They say we’re walking around in a state of perpetual dehydration. They claim that not having enough water can cause all sorts of terrible problems in your body.

OMG- Isn’t it amazing that our bodies can get sick unless some guru has explained to us that we need to drink more water? Isn’t it shocking that Mother Nature didn’t provide us with clues to inform us that we need to drink a certain number of ounces according to our body size and weight? How did we survive this long??

Well, this seems to be yet another scam designed to have you buy yet another product. And who do you think could be financially supporting this group of “experts” who know more than you do about your own body?? The companies that sell you bottled water- and btw also sell you soda (soda pop) and sports drinks.

Just like diet gurus who insist that you need only eat certain foods or you will become fat, water gurus have now found a way to capitalize on our utter trust of experts that claim to have “proof” you need more water. Unfortunately, their research is totally skewed by paid “professionals” to find the results that they want- and you will never find that out!

Mother Nature has done the best job of giving us a built in system to tell us when to drink. It works in the entire animal kingdom- THIRST! Do you think wild animals carry water pouches along with them (except camels)? You don’t have to either- unless you are exercising and are not near a place where you can access water when your body gives you the message: “You are thirsty, drink something, or EAT something juicy”.   Yes, FOOD contains water. ALL things contain water except rocks! And when you eat, it hydrates you.

So, why would you think you have to drink more? In fact, drinking too much water can create a terrible condition called “hyponatremia” which is when your brain gets waterlogged. You can’t think, you can’t function, and you can die from this!

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

And to add insult to injury, the water that people are buying, because they are fearful of their own municipal water supply (which in many cases may be intelligent: for instance Flint, Michigan) is just as bad as the municipal water because it IS the same! Furthermore, that water mostly comes in plastic bottles which add another layer of chemicals that leach into the water you are drinking, supposedly to improve your health!  And you are not only harming your own health, but destroying the health of the planet by continued purchasing and destruction of plastics!! But you personally can improve your water, better than municipal water by filtering it yourself! 

So what are your options for Safe Water?

  • Number ONE: LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY! Drink when you are thirsty and don’t push water into your body unless you are going for an ultrasound of your bladder or other body part that necessitates drinking water.
  • Number TWO: If you are panicked about not having water, store it in either glass (there are new types of glass that are nearly unbreakable), or buy a reusable stainless steel water bottle (make sure it’s NOT aluminum, which is NOT healthy).
  • Number THREE: Filter your own water and store it in glass!

DON’T use a reverse osmosis filter, because it wastes 3 gallons for every gallon of water you get- and it stores it, generally in a plastic container. After doing a LOT of research, I personally chose and use Pure Effects. You can see the comparison of other water filtration systems  in this chart. The other thing that I like is that the company will contact you when it’s time for a change of filters.

Yes, I drink when I’m thirsty, and do carry a stainless steel water bottle in my car. But I trust my body more than someone who wants me to drink their plastic laced water, and I hope that you will as well!


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