Coffee Pod’s Toxic Effect

KCupsEarth3_0-300x143Pod coffee systems like Keurig have taken off. Supposedly it’s a fast and easy way to make just one cup of coffee. But there’s a dark side to the Keurig coffee system. It’s been found that even though there’s no BPA in the little plastic containers, all plastic cups leech toxic chemicals into the food they contain. Add heat, and you increase the effect. Plastic toxins affect your endocrine system and may be contributing to people gaining weight, and a host of other terrible health problems.

Furthermore, since the popularity of this method of brewing coffee has taken off, the little plastic cups sold in 2013 alone could wrap around the earth 10.5 TIMES!! It’s more plastic polluting the environment for “convenience” of the drinker? Come on! Take a little more time, and do something good for yourself and the environment.

Here’s a fast, convenient way to prepare one cup of coffee, and you can ALSO buy organic fair-trade coffee, so you know you’re getting the best healthiest coffee for you and the planet. It’s called an AeroPress.
 It’s been touted as being the most delicious cup of coffee you can make. And you are protecting your health, and the health of the planet when you take the time to use this device which will also cut pollution by about 99.9 percent! And it’s much less expensive that the Keurig! It comes with filters that will more than last a year- and the replacements are cheap and made of paper- which IS biodegradable.

It actually can be a great gift item as well. Both Mother’s Day and Earth Day are coming up- here’s a good gift for BOTH of your mothers: Biological and Mother Earth!

Do your part for the environment – Lianda

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