DSCN4782Paper or Plastic Bag – Which is Better?

I am truly appalled when I see people going to the grocery stores still using plastic bags. Not that taking a paper bag is any better than a plastic bag: it destroys trees, uses more energy to transport it (gas and diesel), but paper is natural and will eventually biodegrade.

Come on!! How hard is it to bring your own reusable grocery bags? Even if you had to buy a polypropylene shopping bag (which is still plastic, but at least it will last about 20 times), at least that is reusable! It seems to me that is one of the easiest things you can do to stop the destruction of the environment and the pollution in the oceans!

Teach yourself to bring your own bag!

OK, I know I’m ranting. But PLEASE, if you don’t have a bag with you – put your stuff back in your cart and put it in a box in your car- or leave it in your car and get your bag out of your house and repack your groceries. A couple of times doing that will jog your memory to bring a bag when you go shopping.

Bring your bags everywhere. Keep a stash in the car. You can even ask the checkout person to keep your groceries so you can go back to your car and get your bags. That’s double duty- you’re making yourself healthier by putting some extra steps and walking into your day!

But seriously, consider purchasing our reusable organic cotton shopping bags and using them! You can even buy our Kids Kit To Save the Planet from Plastic Bags, and decorate them yourself with the included fabric paint pens!

Give the planet some help. Give future generations the benefit of your care. PLEASE bring your own bags when you shop!

organic, fair-trade cotton reusable shopping bag decorated with calligraphy


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.  

~Native American Proverb