Plastic Bags in Trees

Plastic bags are everywhere. They catch the air and blow out of garbage containers. Of course, they shouldn’t be there, because now there are collection sites for plastic bags in your grocery store.

Beautiful trees are defaced by plastic bags stuck in their branches. WHY can’t people just bring their own reusable bags to stores? Just say “NO” to plastic (or paper bags). Get into the habit of carrying your own bag everywhere. It really doesn’t take much effort to do something that can definitely improve the environment! 

Do you want help remembering to bring your reusable shopping bag to the store? It’s easy: have your child decorate the bags, and they’ll remind you to bring their original artwork with you! That’s why I designed the Kid’s Kit to Save the Planet From Plastic Bags!  It’s specially priced to make it affordable, as well as an educational and fun craft toy for your kids.
Don’t destroy the environment because you “forgot”.