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Cover of the Kid's Kit to Save the Planet from plastic bags- an educational craft toy for the green kid in your home

Green Kids Craft Project for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and kids are planning their costumes. A fun Halloween holiday project for children can include decorating organic fair-trade bags that can be later used for shopping bags. Don’t send out your little ones with plastic bags to collect their goodies! Instead get them a craft toy to decorate their Halloween Bags. Let your children feel  proud because you’re carrying and displaying their organic shopping bags to the store. I bet they’ll even remind you to bring their bags to the store.

This craft project for kids is a fun activity that is also educational. I’ve had parents comment: “I didn’t know that!!”

Art Project for Grandparents and Children

If your children’s grandparents are looking for a fun activity to do with their grandchildren, let them decorate bags together. Then grandma and grandpa can take home your children’s artwork to display and make THEIR friend jealous! (I want grandchildren! : (

Children’s Birthday Party Activity

Your chid’s birthday party can be a fun and educational experience. Read them the Kids Kit booklet, and then have them do a treasure hunt looking for items made from plastic. Ask them for an alternative to using plastic. Get their agile minds working and having fun! The fabric paint pens aren’t messy, so it’s a good party activity – for both girls and boys.

Our Kids Kit to Save the Planet from Plastic Bags has 2 organic fair-trade cotton bags, a fun, educational booklet about plastic and how oil is used to make plastic bags. Paint pens for decorating the bags will also last long enough to do a T-shirt or other item- and they’re non-toxic and NOT from China. It’s wrapped in a non-petroleum based “bio-plastic” bag.

Get yours while they last!

Kids Decorated Organic Cotton Shopping Bag
Kids Decorated Organic Cotton Shopping Bag

Kids Decorated Organic Cotton Shopping Bag

Kids Decorated Organic Reusable Shopping Bag