Kid’s Kit To Save The Planet From Plastic Bags-

              Create Your Own Bags

This creative GREEN educational craft toy is a fun way to teach kid’s about the impact plastic bags have on the environment, animals, and the planet.

Price: $14.00
Buy 2 or More and Save!
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 Child's artwork on reusable cotton shopping bag

Organic Cotton Fair-Trade Made In American Shopping Bags

Our bags have extra long handles so you can carry it on your shoulder or hand carry. They are decorated with calligraphy
and artwork to make you show your message of sustainability to the world!

“Live sustainably by not using up or destroying the earth’s resources so that future generations may live”

Price: $17.99
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Live Sustainably Reuseable Bag

Margaret Mead's famous quote in artwork on an organic cotton, fair-trade shopping bag

Organic Hemp Market Bag

Available in Black, Brown or Forest Green Price: $32.00

These beautiful bags can be brought into Bloomingdales without embarrassment! Hemp is virtually indestructible although light

Hemp market bag from Ecolution