Comparison of Water Filters

Compare To Find the Best Water Filter

There are many types of water filters out there, and there are important differences to compare in how well a water filter works. If you want to compare the best water filters to assure that you and your family will have safe water, for drinking and cooking. 

Instead of overspending on buying bottled water (which costs MORE than gasoline!), it’s healthier for you and the environment to have you own water filtration system. You won’t be creating more pollution by having to dispose of plastic water bottles!

How to store your filtered water

When you use a good water filter make sure you store your clean filtered water in glass containers. If you store clean water in plastic it will eventually become imbued with the plastic that leeches from the container. It may not be BPA, but there are thousands of other untested chemicals that leech into your water that is sitting in a plastic container!

Even if you live in an apartment you can still have the benefits of the best filtered water by getting a counter-top water filter. But, please don’t use a water pitcher type of filter- it’s almost worthless for taking pollutants and toxins out of the water! 

If you live in an area where there is a drought or limited water, it’s best to avoid using a reverse osmosis type of water filter. It wastes 3 gallons for every one gallon of clean filtered water you get! So if you are paying for water, you’re also wasting money!

If your health is important to you, realize that your body is between 80-45% made up of water. Do you want your cells filled with pollutants?

Eating healthy food is important, (organic if you can afford it) but all the health benefits can be undone by drinking and cooking with dirty water.

And remember, when you do buy a water filter, use glass or stainless steel reusable containers to carry with you to keep your water clean – and help keep our planet clean from plastics!

visual chart that compares water filters