Dirty Drinking Water

a glass of dirty drinking water being filled from a tap
Are you drinking polluted water from your tap?

Does Your City Have Clean Drinking Water?

Now it’s Pittsburg reporting elevated lead levels in their drinking water. The cause is the same as in Flint, Michigan: managers of the city’s water tried to save money and changed the chemical used to control corrosion of metals in the old pipes in the city. However, this took place over an even longer period of time, so people were exposed to polluted, dirty drinking water for over 12 years! Even though this measure was supposed to save money, rate hikes approved a 20% hike in the cost of water over just 4 years! These people are drinking polluted water, and paying MORE for it!

There is no safe level of lead. In childhood, exposure diminishes IQ and can lead to behavioral and developmental problems. Federal limits for lead in drinking water are based only on water chemistry.

In fact, some of the most pioneering lead research in the country was conducted in Pittsburgh, where Dr Herbert Needleman x-rayed the bones of 212 boys, and found that those with higher lead measurements, “exhibited more delinquent, aggressive, internalizing, and externalizing behavior than otherwise similar boys”, according to a recent paper by Harvard economist James Feigenbaum (pdf).

Is YOUR drinking water polluted?

What can you do to protect yourself and your family from hidden pollutants in your municipal water? Buying bottled water is not any safer because it’s tested even less than municipal water. And water that’s stored in plastic gets additional chemicals in it from the plastic bottle. Furthermore, the alkalinity levels are different in various bottled water- and that too, is an important health issue. 

Water is imperative for life and good health. You can only depend on yourself to assure that you are getting the cleanest water for drinking, cooking and bathing. A brita type water pitcher filter is next to useless.  Read a comparison of the efficacy of various water filters and spend the extra money to make CERTAIN you and your family are getting the best, cleanest drinking water. It can literally be a life or death decision!

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