Dangerous Fluoride in Your Water

fluoride is added to industrial products not related to health

Fluoride in YOUR Water?

If you drink tap or bottled water there’s probably fluoride in the water your drink. Fluoride has been added to municipal water in the majority of the US despite the fact that it has never been approved by the FDA for the prevention of tooth decay. In fact, it has some pretty scary uses in industry that are NOT related to health! There is plenty of evidence showing that fluoride doesn’t even prevent cavities, but actually weakens teeth and bones, potentially causing a painful and debilitating condition called fluorosis.

Dangers of Fluoride

As of Sept 2016, 57 studies have found that elevated fluoride levels are associated with reduced IQ in children. In actual practice, the highest levels of fluoride are being given to bottle fed babies because of the size of their bodies, and the proportion of water in the formula which is their only food.

Plenty of evidence implicating fluoride in other health effects have shown it’s not safe to add to municipal water – but it’s a practice that has increased over the years. Untreated Fluorosilicic acid  is the most commonly used additive for water fluoridation in the United States. It is an inexpensive liquid by-product of phosphate fertilizer manufacture. Bottom line: it is POISON.

If you want to sustain your health and think you are safe by drinking bottle water, think again. Many bottled waters contain undeclared fluoride. There are no laws about the source of your bottled water and no testing for fluoride in that water, since municipalities add it to their water supply. In fact, municipal water is not even checked for some of the worst contaminants to your water: pharmaceutical remnants of cancer treatment, anti-depressants, hormones and other dangerous drugs.

Is YOUR Water Safe to Drink?

You can check to see if your state fluoridates the water. However, a Brita type water filter is not going to take fluoride or other pollutants out of your water. Only a quality water filter will remove fluoride and other contaminants from your water while still providing healthy mineralized, alkalized water.

Do you want to waste your money purchasing bottled water from untested sources that actually has additional contamination from chemicals that leech out of the plastic container? Most plastic products, from sippy cups to food containers release chemicals that are endocrine distruptors – even when they do NOT contain BPA!

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Do yourself a huge favor and purchase a QUALITY water filter: the best water filter you can. I’ve installed mine under my sink, using the air vent to put a handy faucet. But if you don’t have a dishwasher vent, you can still get yourself this excellent filter system and put it on your counter.

Your body is a high percentage of water. You’re told to drink plenty of water every day- and you do in coffee, tea and other store bought beverages that add water. Make sure that they water you drink is safe for you and your family: Especially for the little ones in your family. Make it a priority.

Check out this filtration system and see for yourself how it compares to others. You’ll realize that it’s well worth the money. And in the long run you’ll save money instead of buying polluted water in plastic bottles which hurts you and the planet!

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