Birthday Party Favors


A child’s birthday party can be so memorable.  It should be fun and it’s great when it’s something the kids can do together. The Kid’s Kit to Save the Planet from Plastic Bags can be both!

Instead of having to worry about paints spilling and making a mess, the fabric paint pens are easy for all children to use of the two enclosed organic cotton shopping bags. There’s an educational and fun booklet about how plastic impacts the environment that will inspire the children to decorate the bags with their important message.

kid-art-on-bag400-252x300And it’s a great party favor for those children to bring home to their families – so that they’ll USE the child’s bag at the store instead of taking plastic bags.

Give an original favor for your child’s birthday- that will be fun, educational, and environmental! Show your child that s/he can do something to help planet earth- and have a good time, too!