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Child's artwork on reusable cotton shopping bag

Cover of the Kid's Kit to Save the Planet from plastic bags- an educational craft toy for the green kid in your home

GREEN Kids – GREEN Parents!!

Kid’s Kit to Save the Planet from Plastic Bags

The Kid’s Kit is an educational toy, that teaches your children about the environment and brings out their creativity at the same time. Our Kids Kit comes with 2 organic fair-trade cotton bags and  includes an educational booklet about how oil is used to make plastic bags. Fabric paint pens for decorating the bags will also last long enough to do a T-shirt or other item – and they’re NOT from China!  It’s all wrapped in a non-petroleum based “bio-plastic” bag. Teaching your kids about the environment is important. With global warming, and environmental problems, children need to feel empowered to know THEY can do something  to help save their world.

Kids love to be creative and draw. And isn’t it great when you can show your child that you appreciate their artwork by taking their decorated reusable shopping bag with you to the store? That’s why the Kid’s Kit To Save The Planet is such a wonderful green educational toy for children. It’s a winning idea for your child, for the planet and for you!

This is a fun project to work on with your child. Good for a Birthday activity for the children. It’s also a unique gift idea for a birthday present for their friends! Great to give to Grandparents as well!

This creative GREEN educational toy is a fun way to teach kid’s about the impact plastic bags have on the planet.

Reusable bags are great for shopping bags; but get creative! They also make great Halloween bags, book bags, gift bags. Because these strong bags are also lightweight, you can easily fold one up and keep it in your purse so you never need take another plastic bag!

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