Florida’s Main Source of Water Becoming Radioactive


Is Your Water Contaminated from a Toxic Leak?

A sinkhole opened up under Florida Fertilizer plant that was already fine $2 BILLION in a Federal Lawsuit. An enormous pile of waste material and RADIOACTIVE WATER sat on top of this pile- and drained right into the the Floridian aquifer system which supplies drinking water to millions of residents.

Environmental groups said the damage from the sinkhole could be severe, and it adds to decades of pollution from the phosphorous fertilizer industry in the state, a key center of phosphate mining.

How and when will this toxic leak of chemicals affect your water? There’s only testing that can be done on a continuous basis, but no one has commented on how the water can be made drinkable after this contamination.

It’s unfortunate that you have to read real news about what’s happening in the US in foreign newspapers that are not censored by their corporate owners. It took the company over 3 weeks to report this hazardous situation. How much money in fines will stop these companies? EPA found that Mosaic improperly handled its facilities, which posed a threat to the environment and human health.

Drink Clean Water

You cannot depend on municipal testing of your water, as seen by what has happened in Flint, Michigan and in many other cities around the US. The way to protect yourself and your family is NOT by buying bottled water that is tested far less than municipal water, and stored in plastic with over 2,000 untested chemicals that can leech out into the water. The ONLY way you can assure you are drinking clean water is to buy a quality 3 stage water filter, the best one that removes toxins and even radiation, and use it for at least your drinking and cooking water. Bathing in a toxic mixture is not a very good idea either! But at least you can start with drinking clean water!
You may think it’s too bothersome, or costs too much money, but cancer and poisoning and the medical bills from this cost a LOT more in suffering and financial costs. Sustain your health by drinking clean water!
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