Plastic Dog Poop Bags…. or Mummified Turds

People who pick up after their dogs and dispose of the poop properly deserve thanks. However, what I’ve been seeing lately is people pick up the poop, put it in a plastic bag and LEAVE IT ON THE STREET!! OMG how lazy can you be??

Also, PLEASE remember, that when you use plastic bags, the poop is becoming mummified. YES that’s right – it can’t break down in naturally in nature when it’s in a non degrading airtight, watertight bag that will be buried in landfill.


Some day, after humans have destroyed the planets, ETs will come down and discover these mummified hard rocks that used to be dog turds. They’ll think we worshipped these items. But in some ways they are right. In the US people worship their dogs. They buy houses that their dogs will be happy in, take them EVERYWHERE – in restaurants, grocery stores….. Believe me, as an asthmatic person it’s become impossible to travel by air because people can now bring their dogs on airplanes and leave the hair all over.

Bottom line, PLEASE use biodegradable dog poop bags and throw it away where it belongs.