Earth Day Craft Toy

How To Encourage a Child to Care about the Environment?

kid-art-on-bag400-252x300 Plastic bags are all over the place. They are in the streets blocking sewers, stuck in the trees, floating in the Pacific Gyre killing sea life. Children are concerned about their planet, and want to do something to help protect the planet. But what can they do?
The perfect gift for a child to let them feel like they are helping the planet is a Green Educational Creative Craft Toy. Our Kid’s Kit to Save the Planet From Plastic Bags is a fun and educational toy that will help your child grow to a responsible citizen who cares for and takes care of our earth.

Your child will have fun designing their own organic fair-trade cotton reusable shopping bag. And they will learn about the relationship of plastic bags to oil! Many parents have learned from the illustrated booklet that helps children understand the connection between their actions and how it affects the larger planet!

There are 2 shopping bags in the package. After ironing their colorful design (mom or dad, or an adult should do this) the colors hold through washing, and really retain their color.

As an educator, she knew that one of the areas that children love to learn about in school is the environment, ecology, global warming and what we can each do to protect the planet. The kids in her school were so concerned about helping the animals, and doing whatever they could do to teach their parents as well. Lianda was the first one to come up with this idea which has been used extensively at Green Fairs all over Tucson.

Most children, and even adults don’t understand the connection between oil and plastic. So Lianda spent a lot of time trying to write a short story of oil for children. In fact, many adults have read the book and say: “I didn’t know that!” and that inspires them to take reusable bags to the store. It’s actually a huge concept, but the booklet got the approval of child author Janie Sutton. (

When children learn about the environment and how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, this is a lifetime lesson. With the Kid’s Kit they are able to craft their bags with all the creativity of a child, combined with the new knowledge about how their creation of reusable bags will help save the planet! Believe me, once these children have made THEIR reusable grocery bags, they remind their parents to bring them to the store anytime they are making a shopping trip! Walk-Your-Talk-300x270So if you continue to forget to bring your reusable bags to the store, now your children will assist and remind you!

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ps- It’s makes a great Birthday party project – with the favor included!

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