Plastic Water Bottles are Unhealthy for You or the Planet

Plastic Water Bottles are unsafe for your health and the planet!

Plastic water bottles are not a good choice if you care about your health, the environment OR your money. Buying plastic water bottle is not a way of living sustainably!

  1. Chemicals in plastic leech into the water the longer the water stays in the bottle. Even though there may not be BPA in the plastic there are over 2,000 other UNTESTED chemicals in plastic! Do you want to gamble with your health, or the health of your children?
  2. Water contained in the corporately bottled water is not tested as much as municipal water! It could be taken out of a polluted stream or a toilet bowl, and you would never know! You can be certain that your municipal water, even without testing for pharmaceutical agents in the water, is tested and cleaner than any bottled water.
  3. Even if you recycle these bottles, it takes more energy than simply reusing a stainless steel water bottle, or the newest unbreakable (virtually) glass bottles. Your water is not just staying safer from leeching plastics, but you are helping the environment.
  4. The cost of buying water in bottles. It actually costs more than GASOLINE for your car!  Bottled water costs 240 to over 10,000 times more per gallon than tap water.You would be better off having a quality water filter, so you know the water is clean and storing it in glass or stainless steel.

Bottom line: the BEST water available is: Filtered (taking out pharmaceutical drugs and other pollutants) stored in glass or stainless steel.

If you care about your health, your family and the planet- get a good water filter and don’t buy water in plastic bottles!

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