Sustainability is Our “Bag”

You Can do something to protect our planet by taking reusable bags

DSCN3114-300x242It’s pretty hard to feel like you can make a difference in helping our planet. Just like you, we’ve been hearing the nightmarish stories about global warming, the pacific gyre- the floating plastic garbage patch in the ocean,  pollution and the destruction of the planet. We were so moved by learning about the impact of plastic on our planet (read “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman) that we wanted to do something about it. We started by making changes in our lifestyle as individuals. More on being sustainable. There are someways that we can actually help- and they are really easy. That’s why we started bringing our own bags to the grocery store. Then we wanted others to do the same, and we started Sustainable Bags! Being Green is easy, and we do it with style with our fair-trade, organic bags. And we give them to our friends for gifts; not just for holidays, but if we go for dinner, we bring a bag as a gift! It lasts longer than dessert or wine!

Reusable Shopping Bags are wonderful unique gifts for the holidays, because they have calligraphy messages silkscreened on them that tell our philosophy of being eco friendly. We want you to be that way too, so we’ve priced our bags at a very fair price for organic, fair-trade, and even made in the US products. So, walk the talk- and carry your reusable shopping bag!

If you’re in a company that does fund raisers, encourage using fair-trade organic bags. You can have your company name and logo imprinted  – and it will be a great promotion for your company as well! Help your company, help the environment, help your customer! What can better?

Lianda, has been an educator and a professional calligrapher since 1978. She has written countless “words to live by” and realized that these beautiful meaningful words could be printed on reusable shopping bags – so that people can “walk their talk”!

Knowing that children can lead their parents in the right direction, the next step was to write and produce “The Kids’ Kit to Save the Planet From Plastic Bags”. This little booklet is filled with interesting facts. Many parents remarked when reading it: “I didn’t know that!” Now with a educational creative toy, children can create their own bags for the adults to take to the store. And they’ll remind you so that you don’t forget!

We realize that reusing shopping bags is only one step. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Carry a Reusable Organic Fairtrade bag on that journey, and invite others to join you. We can each save the world a tiny bit every time we don’t take a plastic or paper bag!

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