Saving money with reusable bags

Feel Good about Bringing Organic Tote Bags to the Grocery Store

DSCN4782-224x300Don’t have a good feeling when you see other people making the effort to bring reusable grocery bags to the store? Honestly, when I see people walking out into the parking lot with loads of plastic bags I wonder: HOW could they be so lazy? (OK, I know I shouldn’t be so judgmental.. how about “forgetful”?)

When I forget to bring my organic reusable grocery bags into the store, I just put my items back into the cart, and then bring them directly to me car. If my bags are there, great. If not, when I get home I bag them, or put them into a box, and bring them into the house.

It Makes CENTS (pardon the pun) to bring your own bags!

AND, now Trader Joe’s and some other stores are giving you credit (a couple of cents) when you bring your own bags! It’s only a couple of cents; it’s really not such a big deal, but I feel good about doing something to help the environment.

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