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Our mission is to help educate you on ways that you can live a sustainable life, for future generations.

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What is “Sustainability” anyway?

What is sustainability anyway? You hear the word everywhere. People are using it in conversations, businesses are using it to sell their products, but most people can’t define it. So here’s an easy definition that can help you to see if YOU are living sustainably: Living responsibly by not using up or destroying the earth’s resources so future generations may live.

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Why Buy Organic Sustainable Bags?

Reusable bags are a great step in the direction of helping conserve and protect the environment. But if you are buying reusable bags made of propylene, vinyl or other non-biodegradable material, you are just putting off the problem for another day. Eventually your bag will break or wear out and end up in the landfill expelling toxins into the soil and water.

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It’s nice to carry something that you can be proud of, and our bags are different because they are beautiful with messages about sustainability that can educate others who see them. You’ll see a choice of messages — you will not be just another walking advertisement for a place you’ve been, or a group you belong to! (although those can be nice too!)


Sustainability is: “meeting the needs of the present population
without compromising the ability of future generations
to meet their own needs for energy, clean water, air, forests…”

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